Some Tips That Can Help

1. Be careful at ATMs and stores where you use your card. It isn’t difficult for someone to see the pin number your punch in.

2. Make sure you put your credit card receipts in a safe place. Very few credit card receipts  list your  full account numbers and expiration dates, but you may run into a situation where it does. It may be something as innocuous as a small charity function using an old credit card machine. Stay on your guard no matter where you use your card.

3. One of the cheapest ways to protect yourself is with a shredder. Shred everything, including credit card receipts (after you’ve reconciled your bill), old bank statements, medical statements, everyday bills, and pre-approved credit card offers. Any document that has personal financial information can be an open door . As an added bonus, if you have a fireplace, use the shredded paper as kindling. Then you definitely don’t have to worry about it.

4. Do not provide your Social Security number, bank account number or credit card number to anyone who contacts you through telephone solicitation. You may think you are talking to someone reputable but acting is one of any identity thief’s skills.

5. Monitor your credit accounts carefully, so you’ll know if a bill’s missing or unauthorized purchases have been made. Close out unused credit cards and then shred them.